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Shop 4 Paws is an online store for pet accessories like dog clothes, dog/cat collars and leashes, dog/cat beds and kennels, dog backpacks and pet carrier bags, dog shoes, pet toys and other pet accessories.

We offer you the best quality for the best price and our items are personally hand picked to delight you and your pets.  We are adding items continuously so we invite to check this blog and our online store frequently.

We have seven categories in our shop that cover a wide range of items.  You can check the different categories below.  Clicking on the picture in each category will take you directly to that category in our online shop.

From LED pet collars to keep your pet safe at night, to cool bandanas, to fully personalized collars with name and charm, collars with bow ties – we are sure you will find the perfect collar for your pet.

Our pets need that extra coat or t-shirt to keep them warm in winter and to protect them against sunburn in summer.  If your pet is new to clothes, please choose carefully and measure your dog and compare the dog's measurements to the size charts of the relevant clothes item.
Check out HOW TO MEASURE YOUR PET for details.

Dogs might need shoes for different reasons.  The most obvious is to keep the paws dry in rainy weather but it is also very important to protect the paws also when the weather is very hot and the ground could be too hot for your dog to walk on.  Dog shoes and boots also protect your dog’s paws against sharp stones, broken glass, thorns and other objects that might hurt the paws while walking.

It is very important that you measure your dog’s paws correctly because ill-fitting shoes can hurt the paws.  For a guide on how to measure your dog’s paws, you can visit our page HOW TO MEASURE DOGS FOR SHOES.

Carrier bags are very handy to carry your pet everywhere you wish to take your pet with you.  Our across shoulder bag is the perfect fit, where your pet will be comfortable and safe.  We will be adding more bags to our collection.  We also have very cute and stylish backpacks for your pet, where you can also keep poop cleaning bags handy.

Our pets need a place of their own, where they can snuggle up and sleep comfortably.  Our beds and mats are very stylish and are sure to keep your pets happy and comfortable.

Dogs, cats and other pets need to be active to stay healthy and pet toys help them to play happily and have fun.  From plush toys to squeaky toys, we are sure you will find the right toy for your pet, all at a very good price.

As the name indicates, this category incorporates all other pet accessories that do not fall under the above named categories.  A very popular item under this category is the car back seat pet cover that protects your car seats against any accidental wetting or dog hair while keeping your pet from trying to jump into the front seat.  Other items in this category include feeding placemats, waste poop bags and bags dispensers.  This is a vast category and we will be adding various interesting items.

We hope that you and your pets enjoy our shop.  We have personally picked all the pet accessories with love and care as we are also proud and caring owners of our own pets.  Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at:

For wholesale orders please email us.  We do not allow mass orders from our online shop for security reasons but we would be very happy to discuss with you regarding wholesale orders.

We wish you and your pets good health and happiness always.

Marianne & Nicolas


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